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M&S Gruseck represents JENNMAR affiliate XCAL TOOLS in Europe

XCAL TOOLS takes pride in manufacturing and selling a full line of road planing, soil stabilization, reclaiming, grading, trenching and foundation drilling bits and carbide tooling products that are American-made. Our inhouse operations gives us the flexibility to quickly test and adapt to changing environments and customer needs. Our cost effective production methods, allows us to provide a competitive product of the highest quality.

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What services can M&S Gruseck offer for you?

Wear tools for the fields agricultural technology, forestry mulchers, recycling, special foundation engineering and much more. Screen drums as well as stationary screening plants from layout to service on-site. 2-shaft-shredders, machine components, engineering services and wage labours. All from a single source for customer’s benefit.

What is the philosophy of M&S Gruseck?

The company stands for quality and sustainability “made in Germany“. Use of high-quality material, qualified employees as well as long-standing, cooperatively collaboration. Contribution of know-how and expert knowledge to ensure optimised application and use.

Which competences does the company offer you?

Due to the structure of product ranges, machine capacities, services and qualified employees, M&S Gruseck GmbH offers its partners an extensive competence. From engineering, construction and development, production and service on-site, to a wide product range, the company offers an “all-in-one“-package for the costumer’s benefit.

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